My work as a School Board Member…and Why I’m Running Again

I am running for re-election to carry on the crucial work of preparing PAUSD students for the 21st century global economy. All of our students deserve a top-quality education that promotes their full academic and social development, encourages them to be excited about learning, and builds skills they need to succeed in a changing world! 

I am committed to protecting and building on PAUSD’s strengths, while making the Palo Alto school experience supportive and safe. Over the next four years, with a growing teacher shortage, a continuing challenge to support the academic growth and socio-emotional health of every child, and the ongoing need to closely manage our fiscal resources, it will be more important than ever that we all stand together to protect the excellence that we have worked so hard to create for our children and families in PAUSD.  My years on the PAUSD School Board, in Palo Alto PTA district wide leadership, and as a technology executive, have given me invaluable insight into district governance and effective strategies for pursuing continual improvement. I’m ready to guide and protect our schools through the coming years.